Energy Transfer



dendrymerDendrimers are starburst polymers with a central core and a variable number of monomeric repeat units bearing a functional group at the branching point. They are fascinating macromolecules to investigate because of their monodispersity and well-defined chemical structure. Recently, dendrimers have found potential applications as catalytic agents, water-soluble and amphiphilic linear block copolymers , and hosts for chemical delivery. The arrangement and flexible functionality of dendrimers make them ideal for fundamental studies of energy flow as a function of increasing complexity. 

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Conjugated polymers

New materials with novel photophysical properties are crucial for developing revolutionary molecular-photonic and -electronic components. Over the past two decades, conjugated polymers have emerged as materials exhibiting valuable properties in optical sensing, energy transport, and light harvesting. Understanding the optical properties of these materials depends primarily on the investigation of energy and charge transfer mechanisms. Our research is focused on the study of poly-conjugated molecules and their photo-physical properties. The goal is to understand novel properties arising not from the accumulation of single units, but those that derive from the macromolecule as a whole. Central to the project is the use of ultrafast spectroscopy to study energy transport in conjugated polymers whose electronic and optical properties can be chemically controlled at the molecular level. We concentrate our efforts in the areas of energy transfer and storage, and the search for non-linear properties that can yield new materials for IR sensors, artificial antennae, and energy conversion. This objective will be achieved by research of energy-transport and intra- and inter-chain exciton migration mechanisms in linear (ionic polymers) and dendrimer-like molecules.

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